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Life Insurance

Term Assurance is the most common type of life insurance. It provides cover for a fixed term set at outset and pays out a lump sum on death of a covered individual on the policy. On a joint policy it usually pays out on the first death and then ceases. The life insurance policy can be a level policy which pays a set amount helping those who are dependent upon you, to ensure they are left financially sound. It could alternatively be on a decreasing basis, most commonly to cover a mortgage that reduces over a term. The decreasing policy is generally cheaper as the amount it pays out reduces as you get older and are more at risk. Life insurances can also pay out an income instead of a lump sum, this is explained in the Family Income Benefit section of this website. We are able to offer life protection from a selection of leading providers meaning this cover is not only cost effective but also allows us to build a policy that suits you.

Life insurance can also be arranged on a whole of life basis, which does not have a defined term, and will cover the insuranced for their whole life, for as long as premiums are maintained. We are able to offer this type of life protection should this be deemed suitable based upon your needs.

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