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Discussion and Fact-Find

After your initial contact, we will arrange a suitable time and date built around you to discuss your needs in more detail. We become immediately beneficial to you here as we are not restricted by working hours or working days like some of our competitors and therefore can always work around you. The format of this contact can also be elected by you, whether that be face to face within your own home or over the telephone should this be more convenient to you. During our initial conversation we will look to gain a picture of your current situation and your future aspirations and plans so that we are able to provide appropriate and benefitial solutions to your bespoke needs. One of our key objectives is to put you in the strongest possible position within any transaction by giving you the knowledge that your required lending is available via an Agreement in Principle – giving you ultimate peace of mind on the viability of your future intentions. Our role then becomes about researching some of the right options available to deliver to you a favourable outcome.

Present Mortgage & Protection Solutions

At this point, having gained a detailed picture of your requirements from our initial fact find, and having researched the available product options, we will be in a position to make an appropriate recommendation that is tailored to your needs. We can also review your protection planning at the same time helping to ensure you have the right arrangements in place. This will enable you to have a firm understanding of all the costs involved prior to proceeding and your agreed limit of affordability ensuring any future decisions will be fully informed and made with confidence.

Submit Mortgage & Protection Applications

At this point speed is of the essence having identified a product better than your current deal, or the one your current product will soon revert to, we are therefore able to apply for and subsequently secure this new product meaning should rates increase you benefit having committed to your chosen product already. In circumstances where a better deal becomes available thereafter, this will then be discussed with you, again meaning you will never be at a disadvantage from this point in the process. At this point we start by revisiting the advice previously given to ensure that despite any time that had elapsed between our previous meeting and the present day, our recommendations are still right for your needs. This is ultimately decision time and it is important we get this right first time, so the process thereafter is as swift and smooth as possible and to meet with your current products expiry date. This would ideally entail a meeting face to face, however, if telephone appointments would be more appropriate for you, this can be accomodated.

During these discussions we will present our final recommendations in full and prepare and submit all mortgage applications, protection applications and general insurance applications for underwriting with the respective third parties. This will involve your formal signatures to enable instruction of the applications agreed. Most remortgage products offer a free valuation alongside free legal services, but on occassion this may not be the case however, we can refer you to suitable legal services in these circumstances*. As your one port of call throughout the transaction we will be supporting you hereafter by way of regular progression calls to all third parties enabling us to keep you well informed throughout the process. It is rare that in our industry this process is conducted by the same individual that submitted your mortgage application, but here at Yellow Brick Mortgages we believe retaining control and consistency enhances your outcomes and ultimately your trust in our service.

* Conveyancers will be offered both through Openwork conveyancing and a local panel of solicitors, for the local panel of solicitors please note that those products and services promoted here are not part of the Openwork offering and are offered in our own right and those of the firms referred to. Openwork Limited accept no responsibility for this aspect of our business. Conveyancing is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Receive Mortgage Offer & Complete legal work

Following a successful valuation of your property and underwriting of your circumstances by the lender, a formal mortgage offer is produced by your mortgage lender and sent to you, the conveyancer and ourselves. We will review this carefully against your application, as should this be inaccurate, it would leave you unable to complete or in a vulnerable position after completion. This process will give you ultimate peace of mind and assure you that when your legal representative advises you are ready to complete the remortgage, you know that everything is correct and in place. At this point we will ideally have the outcomes from your protection and general insurance applications, which we will review and discuss with you accordingly. With many brokers this is where their contribution to the transaction stops, however, in line with our belief of an end to end service we will continue to progress your case until you have completed your and duly switch on to your new mortgage product.

Completion and Start of New Mortgage!

Can we be the first to congratulate you on completion of your remortgage – this is the day that you will have been waiting for and we are no different – taking great satisfaction in being a part of ensuring the right outcome for our clients is delivered. Completion is the day your mortgage switches from one lender to another, and any additional funds if applicable are released to you. We will also look to you at this point for honest feedback on your experience with us ensuring we are always the very best we can be for our clients. We will then endeavour to continue our relationship with you for any future needs that arise alongside ensuring we maintain contact at critical points to review your mortgage and protection meaning you will have the optimum solution, not just today and tomorrow, but beyond. Thank you very much for your custom and we look forward to speaking to you again soon.