Income Protection

Family Income Benefit (FIB)

Family Income Benefit is designed to provide an income after the death or critical illness diagnosis of a policy holder. These plans are usually tailored around your personal circumstances and are utilised when dependents would be unable to cope financially without the policy holders' income. Once a payout has been agreed, the monthly or annual income would continue to be paid until the policy term ends. This generally is a cheaper option than a level life or critical illness policy as the maximum payout reduces each policy year as the remaining term has reduced. With a monthly amount protected, potentially and subject to the amount of cover, could help you or your dependents to meet your critical financial commitments such as your mortgage, utility bills and food alongside maintaining your lifestyle costs so you are able to retain as much stability as possible during difficult circumstances. We can arrange this benefit through a selection of some of the market leading providers meaning not only will your policy be a quality product, but a quality product at a great price.