Home insurance

Home & Contents Insurance

The most common form of insurance we offer, put simply your building being insured is a mandatory requirement of your mortgage lender as this protects their security. Buildings insurance protects the structural framework of your home against the main perils such as Fire, Flood or its involvement in an accident. Many plans are set up on what is known as a guarenteed rebuild meaning your greatest asset would be rebuilt should the worst happen.

Contents cover is designed to protect your personal possessions brought into the home from the same perils as home insurance alongside the addition of theft. There are also options available to protect your possession away from the home or to protect against accidental damage should this be required. These plans are for 12 months, and require renewing however, we will always contact you to ensure you remain on the right product to meet your needs at a competitive price. There are some considerations to ensure your bespoke plan is as you need which will involve decisions around the size of excess payable in the event of a claim, alongside any specified high value items that may require additional underwriting both of which could influence your premium. You will receive discounts based upon the number of years you have held a policy previously without claiming. We help to arrange home and contents cover from a selection of some of the leading providers via the Paymentshield panel, meaning this cover is not only high quality but will be at a competitive price.