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Income Protection

Income Protection is designed to provide an income when you are unable to work, These plans are usually tailored around your company sick pay should you benefit from this, as you can choose how long you defer receiving the monthly benefit for, depending on how long you will receive sick pay from your employer. It covers things like mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression as well physical impairments that would mean you being signed off and unable to work. The policy would continue paying your allocated benefit amount each month until such time as you are able to return to work, death or the policy term ends. With your income partially protected, you can help to maintain your critical financial commitments such as your mortgage, utility bills and food alongside maintaining your lifestyle costs so you are able to concentrate on getting better. Where you have sick pay from work, we can tailor your policy to payout after this ends meaning you are not overinsured and resulting in a lower premium to you. This type of cover therefore can be particulary cost-effective for those with good sick pay arrangements from their employer. We can help arrange this benefit through a selection of some of the market leading providers meaning not only will your policy be a quality product, but a quality product at a great price.

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